Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons at AMI

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument and has ancient roots. It is used in a wide variety of musical styles, and is also a solo classical instrument. It is recognized as one of the primary instruments in blues, country, flamenco, folk, rock music and many forms of pop.

Guitars may be played acoustically or they may rely on an amplifier that usually allows for electronic manipulation of tone.

Lessons are offered in these main categories:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Bass
  • Electric Guitar
  • Classical Guitar

Other Fretted String Instruments


The mandolin is tuned like a violin. It is used in all kinds of music, and is employed extensively in country, bluegrass and folk styles. I bet you did not know that mandolins were an extremely popular instrument for classical music in the late 19th century.


Banjo is another instrument with ancient roots. Originally from Africa, the banjo has been popular in the Southeast United States for a long time and is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the world.


Ukulele is a Hawaiian instrument with roots in Portugal. In recent years Ukulele has become a much more popular instrument, frequently making its way into pop music an music for film and television.

The Childbloom Guitar Program

A guitar program especially designed for young children 5 – 12 years of age.

The Childbloom Guitar Program:

The Childbloom® Guitar Program is a comprehensive music education program for children between the ages of 5 and 12, developed by Kevin Taylor, of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas in 1980. The Childbloom method is currently in use throughout Texas and much of the United States and is the largest program of its kind in the nation. Our relationship with the Childbloom Guitar Program dates back to 1998 and since that time we have taught hundreds of young people to play.

Through an initial “limited-rote” approach, students can play music quickly and successfully. “We want to give the kids a learning victory in the first lesson,” says Taylor. “They don’t want to wait to play music.”

With the Childbloom Program the student learns both solo and ensemble playing skills. This helps integrate the young child’s attention span and the adolescent’s expanding social horizon. Like the Suzuki method, parents are encouraged to attend the lesson with their child. “We have found,” says Taylor, “that the more parents are involved in this process, the faster the student learns, the more the student learns, and the more persistent the student will be.”

Piano Lessons At AMI

Piano (Piano Forte) it the most popular instrument in the world. It is used in all kinds of music. The piano is frequently used as a solo instrument, but is also utilized for accompaniment, and is equally at home in a band setting. At AMI, we have digital pianos for the student’s use. Our digital piano keyboards are weighted to simulate the action of a real piano and are velocity sensitive so that the volume of the sound depends on how fast the keys are pressed.

Drum and Percussion Lessons At AMI

In the past drums have been used not only for their musical qualities, but also as a means of communication, especially through signals. The “talking drums” of Africa can imitate the inflections and pitch variations of a spoken language and are used for communicating over great distances. Throughout Sri Lankan history drums have been used for communication between the state and the community, and Sri Lankan drums have a history stretching back over 2500 years. Japanese troops used Taiko drums to motivate troops, to help set a marching pace, and to call out orders or announcements. Fife-and-drum corps of Swiss mercenary foot soldiers also used drums. They used an early version of the snare drum carried over the player’s right shoulder, suspended by a strap. It is to this instrument that English word “drum” was first used. The oldest known drums are from 6000 BC.

Drums are used in every style of music. Our instructors will help you learn to keep the beat, grove on the rhythms, and “play in the pocket.” You can also learn about other percussion instruments including tuned percussion.

Voice Lessons At AMI

If you sing it is important to learn good vocal technique. Our instructors will work with you to develop proper technique (breath support, posture, etc.) and help you learn about pitch, rhythm, and tone. With the popularity of TV shows like the Voice, and American Idol, vocal instruction is more popular than ever. Even great/popular/professional singers use vocal coaches. You should too.

Learn Music Composition, Theory and More at AMI

Some students wish to gain a deeper understanding of music. Music theory is the field of study that probes the nature or mechanics of music. It often involves recognizing patterns that affect composers’ techniques. In a more general sense, music theory also extracts and explores the elements of music: rhythm, harmony, melody, structure, and texture. If you are interested in songwriting, composition or music theory we will help you find the right instructor to explore those interests.

Other Instruments

If you don’t see your preferred instrument (Brass, Woodwinds, etc.) listed above give us a call anyway. Many of our popular instrument instructors play other instruments too. If we cannot accommodate you we will steer you towards an instructor of that instrument, if we know of one.


Lesson Type Standard Rate Multi-Lesson/Family
Discount Rate
Private Lessons $100/month $94/month
Other Programs Priced as Advertised Priced as Advertised