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    Allied Music Instructors

    13 Reasons You Should Choose Allied Music Instructors
    1. Music Lessons Are Number One
      At AMI your music education is the business. AMI is not a business that does something else first and music lessons second. At AMI providing you a great music education experience is the # 1 priority.
    2. Well Established Music Academy
      Allied Music Instructors was established in 2003 and was at that time the 1st and only school of its kind in the Knoxville area. The management team at Allied Music Instructors has worked in music education since 1989.
    3. Start When You Want
      Lessons can begin whenever you are ready.  We are happy to pro-rate your tuition should you start mid-month.
    4. Many Instruments, Instructors, Programs, & Lesson Times
      You and your family can take guitar, voice, piano, drums, bass, violin, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, ensemble programs, and more, all at each AMI location. AMI also has many instructors, giving you more options for scheduling and musical styles. For your convenience, many instruments are available 6 days per week.
    5. No Long-Term Contract
      Lessons are on-going and generally recur each week. Tuition is paid monthly. Take lessons as long as you like. You may withdraw from lessons whenever you want. Just give AMI a withdrawal notice by the 15th day of your last month.
    6. Private Lessons
      Private, one on one music lessons are a time honored tradition, and they offer many advantages for you. They provide great flexibility, are easy to schedule, and are available in a wide variety of instruments. They can also provide for an individualized course of study and allow you to advance at your own pace.
    7. Special Programs For Children
      Your child can enroll in AMI’s award winning The Childbloom Guitar Program or the child friendly Mayron Cole Piano Method. These programs are specifically designed for kids under 12 years of age. Additionally, many AMI instructors have special training in child development related to music education. Call us at 865-675-4443 (Farragut) or 865-539-8200 (West Knoxville) and we will help you get your 5-12 year olds in the right program.
    8. Recital Opportunities
      Your participation in recitals is optional. However, they are a great way for you to grow your talent. Your instructor will help you or your child prepare for any recital you sign up for. AMI will provide you at least two free recital opportunities each year. The regular recitals are in front of a safe and encouraging audience full of students’ friends and family members.
    9. Ensemble Programs
      AMI features a special performing ensemble program known as the Knoxville Bella Corda. The KBC is a guitar choir for guitarists under 18 years of age.  Starting in 2013 AMI will also begin offering a rock band class, with other fun group programs to follow.
    10. Year Round Lessons
      Music lessons are offered year round, because that is the best way to learn music. You won’t have to worry about missing lessons during your summer vacation because AMI has an awesome make-up lesson policy.
    11. Awesome Free Make-Up Lessons
      If you need to miss your lesson because you are sick, on vacation, or whatever, you can sign up for free group make-up lessons.  That’s right, free!
    12. Convenient Locations & Business Times
      AMI’s two locations are convenient to West-Knoxville/Knox County; Farragut, Concord, Cedar Bluff, West Hills, Hardin Valley, and Karns.  AMI is open Monday through Saturday, 48 weeks per year.
    13. Spacious Studios With Acoustic Treatment
      Often times, private music instruction takes place in tiny teaching studios. AMI’s private instructional studios are larger than average. AMI studios are generally large enough to accommodate a parent sitting in on lessons.  AMI also has larger rooms dedicated to ensemble programs. Additionally the AMI studios have acoustic treatment to improve sound quality within the rooms.
    Class Type Standard Rate Multi-Lesson/Family
    Discount Rate
    Private Lessons $100/month $94/month
    Other Programs Priced as Advertised Priced as Advertised